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Training Programs

The following "core" programs might meet your needs with minimal or extensive customization. The more you allow customization, the greater the likelihood for significant success and long-term value.

We can modify these programs in many ways, possibly combining objectives from two or more programs, for example. Likewise, we can develop a new program not directly related to these seminars.


GOAL: To enable those in human services whose records might go before a court to write factually, concisely, chronologically, effectively.

OBJECTIVES: Participants will...

  • Understand the difference between confusing , unclear language or "jargon" and clear, concise, convincing language
  • Observe physical events/personal interaction and record factually exactly what happened
  • Understand the elements of an affidavit and write two effective ones
  • Understand the elements of a behavioral contract and write two effective ones

METHODOLOGY: Facilitator presentations, analyzing writing samples and editing them, observing live behavior and recording observations; observing a movie scene and recording observations; analyzing defective affidavits and behavioral contracts and editing them; writing one or two affidavits and behavioral contracts.

PARTICIPANTS: Social workers in child or adult protective services, guardianship; staff of nursing homes, prisons, jails, medical day programs, assisted living centers; staff of Ombudsman programs; probation officers, etc.

SCHEDULE: Two consecutive days or two days in the same week

Training Programs