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For decades, since training as a journalist while an undergraduate English major, Tom has written a wide variety of materials, from feature stories for leading newspapers, to substantial articles in business journals, to training manuals, to grant proposals that garnered six-figure funding, to marketing and sales plans that led to millions in revenue.

He has "ghost written" a variety of published articles for busy professionals who "always wanted to write that." Today, the more current refrain might be, "We really need a blog, we need to get out there on the new media." TM Consulting can help you spread the word on you, your organization, your products and services. Or, we can write a more neutral, "non-sales" piece that helps you establish credibility and provides a real "service" to your prospective clients.

Note the following series of two articles by Tom on IT security—and insecurity—"Getting to the Root of the Security Problem" and "Security is Unlike Other Types of DP Planning." He wrote those as primary sales tools. These articles provided a real "service" to IT professionals faced with very costly "insecurity" and enabled Tom to instantly gain credibility as a "unique" sales rep who really understood the business situations of the potential clients. Using these "non-sales" articles as introductory sales tools led to millions in revenue when he sold mainframe security solutions, and even much later when he sold network security managed services, since the essential security problems remained the same, just on different platforms.

The more recent article on eBay shows potential clients Tom's familiarity with current online sales services and eCommerce models in general. Again, the idea is to differentiate oneself, so very busy "C" level executives will speak with you.

If such a professional article or two would help you gain an advantage over your competition and give you "instant credibility," let's discuss your situation and possible article topics. We might identify both online and print outlets, as using a multiple-outlet strategy makes sense.


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article writing article writing article writing article writing
article writing article writing article writing article writing
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