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Our Sales Training Philosophy

Professional learning has the most impact, short and long-term, if it is live, instructor-led, interactive and fun. Adults learn effectively through peer interaction almost as much as from facilitator input. Most of those who attend our workshops, whether "junior" or "senior" sales reps, will have a lot of life and work experiences to share with their fellow trainees. That, balanced with an abundance of "tales from the trenches" that Tom will provide, along with a few doses of "theory" will bring maximum benefit, with optimum interest.

Sales training works best when the professionals understand and personalize the concepts, internalize the major components, recognize the real value in practicing them, day-to-day. Some of the excellent national sales training programs involve sophisticated, fairly complex "processes" and administrative work that takes a lot of time to manage. After such a three to five day training program, sales reps—and their managers—often use these processes diligently for only a few weeks or a month or two at most, before reverting to "business as usual." They often view the new processes as an impediment to success, not a means to success. Hence, the company's investment of $25,000, $50,000 or more in training was partially lost. Hopefully, the reps do use some of the less burdensome, more practical skills.

Good sales professionals are impatient. Anything that seems very administrative and time consuming they will resist even if a manager or respected trainer says that long-term it will pay off. Simple is better. Fast is best.

TM Consulting offers sales strategies and tactics that the reps will like and use, adopt as their own, without a "fight." Managers will like the idea of reps guiding their own "self assessment" and "self-development," while emphasizing a "client service" approach according to the TM Consulting sales model.

Our sales model allows reps to maintain their individuality, and use their personal styles and skills to maximum advantage while still following guidelines for "best practices." This will lead to "job satisfaction," team harmony, sales success and higher rates of retention. The TM Consulting model puts a heavy burden on the sales rep, for his or her own success, less so on the manager or the company.

Let's discuss all aspects of your sales situation and explore ways to improve the knowledge and skills of the reps, increase revenue and decrease turnover.

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