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Sales Consulting

Website Launch Consultation in San Francisco
Consulting on the launch of a web monitoring software tool in San Francisco.


"We realized that to grow we had to institute formal training and hiring practices. Online Software used Tom Martin’s very detailed sales training proposal to create the new training department in about six months. The enhanced skills of the sales team, along with acquisitions, helped the company go from about $25 million in revenue to about $75 million, over the next few years." Dan Harkins, former VP Sales, Online Software International, on the value of Tom Martin's 89 page plan for a sales training department at OSI.

You might or might not want to outsource some or all of your sales activities. In either case, many organizations in the midst of change and growth might see real value in getting some outside help with some of the tangential aspects. The following list will probably include a few key activities that you might not handle well internally—or could handle very well if you had the time or staff to make them a priority. TM Consulting can:

  • Develop a plan to launch a new product or service; manage the launch, in cooperation with your team
  • Develop a general sales plan or specific components, such as "major accounts" or a specific "vertical."
  • Identify and then penetrate a new market
  • Serve as sales/biz dev arm of developing startups
  • Assess need for additional sales training & effectiveness of programs used in the past;
  • Develop sales training plan, involving both internal and external resources; conduct some or all of the sales training
  • Develop draft compensation plan(s), within the guidelines you set; develop an automated system to administer comp plans, using TM Consulting and our partners
  • Research options for regional sales offices; open a regional office
  • Assist with recruiting a special sales team
  • Provide temporary sales management while you recruit/hire
  • Assess effectiveness of sales reps’ use of current CRM; Evaluate and recommend alternative CRM tools