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Media, Etc. – A Partial List

  • Barlett, Debbie and Tom Martin. All Aboard the Grantsmanship! A Bibliography on Government and Foundation Grants and Proposal Writing. Freehold, N.J., Monmouth County Board of Social Services Library and Community Services Council for Monmouth County, 1977. 62pp. (This annotated bibliography and the corresponding materials were heavily used by those in human services agencies in New Jersey. It was available through the National Clearinghouse for Mental Health Information, N.I.M.H. as well as in special, public and academic libraries.)
  • Datalink. Holmdel, N.J., Corporate Computer Systems. 1982-1984. Quarterly. I edited this technical newsletter as an "internal consultant" while working full-time as a sales representative for CCS. Datalink was sent to selected information technology managers at about 1,100 mid-sized and large U.S. corporations that used Hewlett Packard 1000 and 3000 computers.
  • Humple, Carol and Tom Martin. Retirement Years: A Time for Potential Growth. New Brunswick, N.J. Graduate School of Education and Graduate School of Social Work, Rutgers, The State University. 1980. (This 60 minute video captured a round table discussion among 12 elderly participants of a retirement program I offered at Dover Township Senior Center. I served as Acting Director there while a student at G,S.S.W., Rutgers. This video program was subsequently used by faculty at several graduate schools at Rutgers as well as Columbia University and New York University.)
  • Martin, Thomas A. "Bibliography of Aftercare Services for Mental Health," A Manual for Reform of New Jersey's Mental Health Care System, Final Report of the New Jersey Mental Health Planning Committee. Vol. II. Trenton, N.J. N.J. M.H.P.C., pp. 131-140. (This annotated bibliography and the corresponding publications were heavily used by "aftercare" staff affiliated with Monmouth County Board of Social Services, Jersey Shore Community Mental Health Center, Monmouth Medical Center Community Mental Health Center and other mental health agencies.)
  • Martin, Thomas A. "Getting to the Root of the Security Problem," Software News, (October, 1985), pp. 80-82. (Review of software security violations on mainframe computers at major corporations.)
  • Martin, Thomas A. "Getting to the Root of the Security Problem," MINI Magazine, (June, 1986), pp. 3-4,7, 9-11. (A reprint of the two articles from Software News, October and November, 1985.)
  • Martin, Thomas A. Retirement Services at Rutgers University, New Brunswick, N.J., Gerontology Institute, Rutgers, The State University, 1980. 38pp. (Based on a survey of a large segment of retired Rutgers faculty, this paper offered recommendations for new and enhanced services. Another graduate research associate contributed to data collection. This paper won an award from AT&T for original research on retirement issues by N.J university students.)
  • Martin, Thomas A. "Security is Unlike Other Types of DP Planning," Software News, (Nov., 1985). pp. 55-57. (Suggested solutions for DP managers to resolve the problem of computer "insecurity.")
  • Martin, Thomas A. "Skeptical Employers Hinder Mid-Career Switch Efforts," National Business Employment Weekly, (March 4, 1984). pp.5-6. (This article was one of the publications I used in a training workshop, "Career Change: From Human Services to Business," which I developed and conducted.)
  • Martin, Thomas A. Writing Skills, Legal Reporting: A Manual for Social Workers. Brockport, N.Y. Regional Education Center and Department of Social Work, New York State University College at Brockport, 1980. 65 pp. (This was used as the training manual for post-graduate workshops I conducted in nine upstate New York counties. It was distributed statewide via the New York Department of Social Services.)
  • Martin, Tom. A Proposal for a Sales Training Department at On-Line Software International. Fort Lee, N.J. On-Line Software International, 1986. 89pp. (90% of this document was used to create a sales training program by OSI within six months of its presentation to the company president.)
  • Martin, Tom. "Centers Improve Quality of Life," Asbury Park Press. (Jan. 12, 2006). pp. (Letter to Editor explaining the value of assisted living, skilled nursing and medical day programs for frail seniors in their 80's and 90's...)
  • Martin, Tom. "Lumberton Corners eBay Market," The Times of Trenton. (March 22, 2007). pp.B1-2. (Feature story on the New Jersey town that won a national contest for most eBay transactions.)
  • Martin, Tom. Monmouth County Board of Social Services Library- Its Past, Present and Future. Freehold, N.J., M.C.B.S.S., 1979, 36 pp. (A detailed evaluative report, based on user feedback surveys, this paper outlined the extensive outreach and SDI (Selective Dissemination of Information) services of this model human services library.)
  • Martin, Tom. "Penny's from Heaven." Tiny Lights (Spring, 1998). p. 7. (Personal essay on the life and death of a woman suffering from breast cancer.)
  • Martin, Tom. Science Fiction Symposium, Author Reception, Science Fiction Writing Workshops & Book Exchange: A Grant Proposal Submitted by Libraries of South Middlesex, NJ, to The National Endowment for the Humanities. Old Bridge, NJ: 1985, 78pp. This proposal was approved and funded for about $175,000. Ray Bradbury, Isaac Asimov and other leading Sci Fi writers attended and actively participated in the various programs over the course of several days. The program drew participants from across the US as well as members of the 13 communities in the Libraries of South Middlesex, NJ.
  • Martin, Tom. "Stepping Out," The Times of Trenton (Feb. 27, 2007), pp. B1-2. (Feature story on the Hillbilly Hall in Hopewell N.J. and its country line dancing.)
  • Martin, Tom. The Grantsmanship Center Library: Its Past, Present and Future. Los Angeles, CA., The Grantsmanship Center, 1979. 41 pp (Two of the recommendations of this report, prepared while I served as a consultant, were that this small organization did not need a full-time professional librarian and did not need to "catalog" government publications. Government materials comprised about 70% of the collection. There were two major U. S. Government Depository Libraries within walking distance, including U.C.L.A. I suggested that a part-time librarian might spend 80-90 percent of his/her time offering user-specific, information services to the staff of the Grantsmanship Center, using the resources of that organization as well as those in the many nearby special, public and academic libraries. The Grantsmanship Center followed these recommendations, thereby saving substantial money and getting much better information services for its professional trainers.)
  • Martin, Tom. "The Hat," Monmouth Letters, (Spring, 1970), pp. 9-14. (A short story.)
  • Martin, Tom. "The Word Lady," West Word, V. 1 no. 1, 1996, pp. 65-67, Literary Arts Council of the Sebastopol Center for the Arts. (A short story.)
  • Martin, Tom. Warren County, NJ Nutrition Program Priorities Project: Final Report. Belvedere, NJ: 2011, 120 PP. This report summarized a complex research project on the satisfaction and needs of seniors in Warren County. It involved a random telephone survey of 300+ county residents age 60 or over and two additional “convenience” surveys of hundreds of other seniors.
  • Martin, Tom. "Women in the Middle," a series of articles on caregivers for the elderly in Monmouth Journal, during Fall, 2008, written for Elder Life Management (ELM) and published under the name of ELM executive director.

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