Helping Individuals and Organizations Achieve Their Goals


The TM Consulting business model is simple: SMALL, AGILE, RESPONSIVE-- based on use of a diversified set of professional partners, as needed.

We work with a broad range of clients—commercial firms, government agencies and non-profits---who have a wide range of business and technical requirements. We use a select set of partners across technical and creative disciplines, from graphic designers to mobile app designers, from database developers to web analytics and SEO specialists, to develop a comprehensive, integrated solution.

Reviewing draft web pages for an Internet startup, with Christine DeRias, graphic designer and CAD expert, one of our talented partners.

Example: ASIS, LLC. A Leading IT/Computer Support Partner:

"As a 14 year old IT support outsourcing firm, we specialize in helping small companies resolve their changing IT needs either on a special project basis or with a long term agreement. Since TM Consulting provides sales and marketing support for small companies and start-ups, we have a natural synergy and common prospective clients. For example, I have done network design/installation for a 50 person health company as they opened a branch office and developed a plan for a secure intranet for a pharmaceutical start-up, both of which TM Consulting had engaged for marketing and sales work. I have used some of Tom’s sales support for ASIS myself and have provided IT support for TM Consulting. Any organization that needs to enhance its marketing and sales must have "state of the art" hardware, software, networks, security, tech support, so ASIS and TM Consulting make a very good combination." Kristin Tencza, CEO, ASIS, LLC (Advantage Systems & Internet Solutions)