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TM Consulting is a 21st Century version of a company Tom headed in the 1980's, L&M Training Associates, which offered similar training and consulting services on a part-time basis while Tom held full-time sales and sales management positions with leading software companies.

For over three decades, Tom has successfully sold high tech solutions to top executives at the largest companies in the U.S., as well as mid-sized firms. He also has an extensive background in training and teaching, and has held management positions in both non-profits and government agencies. A brief personal profile follows.

The goal of TM Consulting is to offer a variety of affordable consulting and training services to meet the sales, marketing, business writing and career development needs of small and medium sized organizations. The idea is strategic supplementation of your existing staff to address the issues you either lack the time or skills to address.

Tom’s diversified education and experiences in sales, sales management, marketing, consulting, writing, training and teaching, will enable him to quickly assess your situation, agree on your requirements and devise possible solutions.

TM Consulting offers some type of satisfaction guarantee for all its training and consulting projects. If you have ever had a bad experience with a consultant, you will enjoy setting up this satisfaction guarantee.

About TM Consulting