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Training Programs

The following "core" programs might meet your needs with minimal or extensive customization. The more you allow customization, the greater the likelihood for significant success and long-term value.

We can modify these programs in many ways, possibly combining objectives from two or more programs, for example. Likewise, we can develop a new program not directly related to these seminars.


GOAL: To enhance the skills of more seasoned sales professionals in working with top executives at major accounts so they more effectively build relationships and credibility, increase productivity, revenue and job satisfaction

OBJECTIVES: Participants will...

  • Demonstrate an understanding of their current sales and presentation skills, by using the TM Consulting self- assessment tool, prior to the program
  • Understand the value of a top-down sales approach in a major account and review a variety of tactics to succeed in reaching and building credibility with top executives
  • Demonstrate the differences in prospecting in a major account vs. a small or medium sized business
  • Demonstrate skill in quickly gathering valuable background information on key accounts
  • Analyze and understand the effectiveness of using a team approach to working with a major account
  • Write a Company Profile for Sales Call, for use by colleagues in a team situation
  • Document the situation in a major account after three hypothetical visits and numerous phone calls and emails, using a TM Consulting format
  • Develop a personal action plan for ongoing "self assessment" and "professional self development"
  • Develop a personal sales plan for the next quarter
  • Use web based tools to identify target companies and executives

METHODOLOGY: Presentations by facilitator; review of the participants pre-seminar self assessment; discussion of the "sales models" now used by participants; presentations by participants on successful and unsuccessful experiences with major accounts; peer feedback; analysis of sales cases involving complex organizations among the Fortune 500; Use of online tools for obtaining company information as well as company web sites; developing a plan of engagement using a "top down" method; prospecting in major accounts vs. non-strategic accounts; using a team approach in major accounts

PARTICIPANTS: Sales reps with at least two years of outside sales experience who have attended fundamental sales training programs.

SCHEDULE: Two consecutive days

NOTE: Participants will bring a cell phone and a laptop with wireless capability

Training Programs