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Training Programs

The following "core" programs might meet your needs with minimal or extensive customization. The more you allow customization, the greater the likelihood for significant success and long-term value.

We can modify these programs in many ways, possibly combining objectives from two or more programs, for example. Likewise, we can develop a new program not directly related to these seminars.


GOAL: To enable participants to identify significant ethical issues and develop a plan of action for addressing them, alone or using a team approach.

OBJECTIVES: Participants will...

  • Identify ethical issues they have confronted in the past and explore their physical, emotional, professional reactions to those situations
  • Analyze case examples of real ethical issues and develop a written plan of action to address them
  • Understand how professional organizations in the fields of law, medicine, psychology and social work have addressed ethical issues with a code of ethics
  • Develop an individual and a team plan for addressing ethical issues in a sales environment and demonstrate an effective meeting with top managers
  • Identify ways in which this seminar can benefit them in their personal lives

METHODOLOGY: Facilitator presentations, group input on actual ethical issues they have faced, in sales and non-sales environments; small group activities using case materials to develop a written plan of action; role play involving dialogue on ethical issues among sales reps, sales manager/vice president of sales/CEO/HR manager, etc.; review of "codes of ethics" from the fields of law, medicine, psychology and social work; small groups develop a draft "code of ethics" for their sales environment.

PARTICIPANTS: Sales reps with any level of experience, sales managers, sales executives, sales support staff, sales engineers, marketing staff, etc.

SCHEDULE: One day program

NOTE: While sexual harassment and related matters are certainly ethical issues, they will not get primary focus in this seminar. Only one case will involve those topics.

Training Programs