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Our Consulting Philosophy

Fortune 500 companies have a profusion of professional consultants regularly engaged in many areas—from HR to finance, from IT to marketing and sales. One reason they are so large, so successful, is that they know how to leverage outside expertise with their internal strengths and weaknesses. Small and medium sized companies, struggling to build market share and revenue, often don't take time to strategically assess their developmental needs and the role a consultant might play—and what the ROI might look like.

The owner--or executive director of a non-profit--might believe he or she can still "do it all." Even if the owner has knowledge and expertise in marketing and sales, for example, he or she often does not have the time to personally impact those critical areas. The web site and marketing materials might remain out of date or unprofessional looking. They haven't done sufficient research on the competition and their market. They lack strong marketing and sales plans. They haven't had time to offer serious sales training yet they demand increasing revenue. They might not sufficiently use technology internally to support the sales and marketing teams. High turnover prevents growth, yet they keep churning, etc.

TM Consulting prefers to start with a brief, high level, strategic assessment of the organization's goals and current situation before examining the strengths and weaknesses of the marketing and sales functions. Then, we identify specific consulting and training solutions. What are your real needs, by priority? Which combination of tactical solutions will give you the greatest impact on revenue, in the shortest time, at the least cost? Together, we develop a clear set of measurable objectives so you can "pay for performance" during a phased project or multiple projects, over time. Clients always appreciate the free two-hour initial assessment dialogue and our "satisfaction guarantee." Let's explore how your small or medium sized company or non-profit can emulate the strategic, selective use of consultants the way the Fortune 500 firms do.

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