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Comments from Participants & Faculty Evaluator

Comments from Workshop Participants

"The trainer's positive attitude contributed a lot to the group’s participation. He had knowledge of the subject, humor, openness. Relevant material and innovative instruction."

"Outstanding workshop, done with great competence and preparation. Very well organized and informative. Thank you for your willingness to serve individuals."

"Very enthusiastic presentation. His humor helps in keeping us all loose. Knowing others are in the same boat helps."

Comments from Faculty Evaluator at Atlantic Cape Community College

"Mr. Martin constantly interacted with the students, often using humor and always in a positive manner...A strength of the class is the instructor's enthusiasm for the topic and the energy he brings to it. Much of the evening's activities were student centered, with extensive use of questioning to initiate student participation and critical thinking. Mr. Martin maintained a very open attitude that allowed for the interjection of questions and comments..."