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Training Programs

The following "core" programs might meet your needs with minimal or extensive customization. The more you allow customization, the greater the likelihood for significant success and long-term value.

We can modify these programs in many ways, possibly combining objectives from two or more programs, for example. Likewise, we can develop a new program not directly related to these seminars.


GOAL: To enable participants to gain a clear understanding of their potential in a sales career and their motivation to pursue that change.

OBJECTIVES: Participants will...

  • Assess their personalities and motivation to make a major career change to sales
  • Understand their current communication skills and ability to interview "prospects."
  • Understanding their ability to quickly learn about new products and services
  • Demonstrate their sales presentation skills
  • Understand all the components of the sales process, from identification and qualification of prospects to formal needs assessment to presentation of VALUE through client-centered solutions to formally closing the sale and negotiating contracts to offering service post sale
  • Analyze and understand sample sales and compensation plans
  • "Mine" various company information databases and company websites
  • Demonstrate the basics of "sales self assessment" and "sales personal development"
  • Develop a personal plan for making a transition to a sales career

METHODOLOGY: Facilitator presentations, small group sales interviews/dialogue/presentations: actual telephone "cold calling" from the training site; analysis of prospect companies via their web sites and other sources, review of sample marketing, sales and compensation plans; Review of sample product and service information; writing sample email and formal letters to top executives; Video recording of participant mini-presentation and sales interview.

PARTICIPANTS: Anyone who wants to assess their ability to make a transition to a sales career and gain instant experience "selling" in a safe, "laboratory setting."

SCHEDULE: Extended one day program, with options for A. One-hour post-seminar, informal Q&A with the trainer, B. One-hour follow-up telephone conversation with the trainer within 30 days.

NOTE: Participants will receive via email a self-assessment survey to complete before the program. Participants must bring a cell phone; bringing a laptop with wireless capability strongly preferred but not mandatory.

Training Programs